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Job vacancies show slight improvement

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Job vacancies across the UK have registered a modest rise, according to a new report.

Employment agency Reed said that, last month, job offers were up by 1 per cent compared with the figures from April.

Pay, however, showed no such improvement according the recruitment agency.

The average wage for jobs available in April was £33,200. In May, that figure had slipped to £31,800, a decline of 4.2 per cent.

The most significant rise in demand for applicants occurred in the charity and voluntary sectors, Reed reported, with marketing and PR also putting in strong performances.

Martin Warnes, the managing director of, said that the moderate increase in job availability, while welcome, was a sign that the recovery is still hesitant and that private firms are not in a position yet to restore a recruitment drive to the economy.

Mr Warnes commented: “In spite of Chancellor, George Osborne’s hopes, the private sector has yet to demonstrate it is taking up the slack in advance of public sector cuts.

“However, although employers are still suffering from cost constraints, some are seizing this opportunity to recruit talented people at high value to help grow their businesses.”