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Cross Border Corporate Issues

At BHP, we provide essential advice and specialist insight to support individuals with their tax obligations and alleviate the strain of cross border taxes and filing obligations in more than one country.

We work closely with our contacts around the globe to provide our clients with a tailored and all-round service so that they have peace of mind that they're fully compliant and aware of all planning opportunities available to them, driven by their aims and needs.

Cross Border Corporate Issues

How we support you

Given the way that the world now operates, we are seeing more and more international expansion both coming in to and branching out of the UK.

This in turn creates additional administrative and compliance burden on the entities involved. The added complexity of having to understand overseas tax legislation in addition to the UK can be onerous and costly if managed incorrectly, which is why specialist advice is so important.

At BHP we have a dedicated team to assist our clients navigate through this complex area. Some of our most recent projects include:

  • Cross border VAT queries
  • Permanent establishment reviews
  • Double Tax Treaty analysis and planning
  • Corporate non-resident landlord assistance
  • Corporate residence analysis
  • Managing overseas withholding taxes

At BHP, our Audit team has experience in the audit of international groups both as group auditors and as component auditors. We understand the challenge of auditing groups technically and how to deal with practical challenges too. We utilise technology to offer a high quality and efficient onsite, local or fully remote audit service.

With our global contacts, we are in a position to offer an all-round service to ensure that your worldwide position is considered and compliant.

We can and are also more than happy to work in conjunction with incumbent advisers on an advisory basis.

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