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    BHP Financial Planning. The best of both worlds.

    BHP Financial Planning is the financial planning arm of BHP, Chartered Accountants, one of the North of England’s largest professional firms with a 150-year track record.

    Clients of BHP Financial Planning enjoy all the personalised, friendly service of a boutique adviser, backed up by the resources and competence of a fully integrated accountancy firm.

    Truly the best of both worlds.

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    A brief insight into the art of financial planning.

    At its heart, our financial planning service is not about money. It’s about helping our clients find the way to the best life they can possibly lead, now and in the future.

    What the route is will be different for every person, so the advice we give is entirely individual and personal, focusing on what is important to you.

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    Better to plan for inheritance tax than stumble into it by accident.

    Something many people don’t realise is that on their death their estate will owe tax at 40% on anything above the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold of £325,000.

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    Dealing with tax intelligently.

    A prudent approach to financial planning requires that any plan should be carefully analysed from the perspective of taxation.

    Good tax planning may include the timing of income and of asset purchases, selection of investments and types of retirement plans…

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    Trust and estates advice you, and the next generation, can count on.

    For anyone with significant personal assets, or a successful business, carefully planning for the future makes a lot of sense, especially if there’s a next generation to take into consideration.

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    Investing means taking risks. But not investing is risky, too.

    When we invest your money, we are guided by a number of core beliefs which comprise our investment philosophy. We believe that financial markets, powered by the wealth-generating capacity of global capitalism, will provide an adequate rate of return, in the long run.

    We use investment funds with broad exposure to investment asset classes across the world, to harness the steady progress of capital markets, over time.

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    The end of the business owner shouldn’t mean the end of the business.

    Anyone who counts the ownership of a business amongst their assets should consider what their plans are when circumstances change. This could be due to retirement or illness.

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    The biggest risk to your business could be that it doesn’t exist at all.

    An absolute essential for any successful business operation is the understanding and management of risk.

    It’s a risk that is easy to overlook, yet profitability and cash flow may be severely affected by such an eventuality. Indeed, for many businesses, the effects can turn out to be terminal.

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    Introducing the team that makes it all possible.

    In the world of financial planning, which is very much a people business, any firm is only as good as the people who are there, week in, week-out, advising clients.

    At BHP, we make the proud claim that our can-do culture, our positivity, and our professionalism, make our people self-selecting. Putting it absolutely straight, anyone who didn’t share these character traits simply wouldn’t fit in!

    Key Contacts

    Key Contacts

    Joy Clegg

    Managing Director - BHP Financial Planning

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    07855 517897
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    Nick Brier

    Director and Chartered Financial Planner

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    Andy Myers

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Email Andy
    07920 816472
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    Andrea Yellops

    Senior Financial Planner

    Email Andrea
    07759 791410
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    Tim Clasper

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Email Tim
    07841 806427
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    Mitch Burke

    Chartered Financial Planner

    Email Mitch
    07702 856747
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    Marie Hudson

    Head of Operations

    Email Marie
    0114 266 7171
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    Jordan Capel

    Senior Financial Planner

    Email Jordan
    0114 266 7171
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