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What our clients say about us

We don't just see ourselves as your adviser. Instead we think of ourselves as another team member, committed to your success.


As a fast track award winning business it is important Naughtone has advisors it can trust to be pre-emptive to our needs and guide us through our rapid growth. The on-boarding process carried out by Nigel and the team was exceptional and allowed for fast integration and a high degree of confidence moving forwards. I believe we now benefit from a multi-skilled team of experts delivering guidance and expertise into our business allowing our team to concentrate on adding value in other areas.

Community Transport

Our criteria were simple: we wanted a dedicated charity finance team with the expertise and experience to audit a charity of our size and geographical spread, a presence in the areas in which we work, a provider that genuinely wanted to work with us and a competitive price. BHP stood out from the start, in setting out not just what they could do for us, but how they could work with us beyond the audit process itself, based on their knowledge and understanding of the charity sector, and more specifically of the challenges facing the community transport sector.

Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham

BHP were our new auditors in 2016. They delivered on everything they promised in the audit tender, and they took time to learn about the Diocese so they understood what we were about and how we operated. All the required deadlines were met despite the tight timescale demanded from us. Overall a great effort!

Community Links

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. The Trustees gave good feedback on the content of the report and clarity of the explanations given in the presentation. I now have a fantastic model to help me plan our finances over the next 5 years and I thought we had an excellent discussion around the key financial issues.

Exceed Academies Trust

Exceed Academies Trust have worked with BHP since the trust was formed providing valuable advice and support in the early days. The first year accounts and audit went well and the audit team were polite, efficient and professional at all times.

Ron Hull Group

It is a pleasure working with BHP, all staff including partners that I have had any dealings with are absolutely committed to the service they provide and do it in such an easy approachable manner.