What we can support you with:

  • IFRS conversion

We have extensive experience in IFRS reporting and can support from advisory on certain areas right through to a fully project-managed conversion. We can also help with complex valuation areas in the conversion, such as revenue recognition, leases, capitalisation of intangible assets, and expected credit losses.


  • Valuations – Purchase Price Allocations

Following a business combination, a company needs to separate and value the assets acquired, most significantly around intangible assets such as brands, technology, and customer relationships. We can help you get these numbers right, support with reports for auditors, and also assist with the subsequent accounting entries.


  • Valuations – Share-Based Payments

Where share options, growth shares, LTIP’s have been issued to staff, there is invariably an accounting consequence of these, which results in a charge to the P&L. We have experience in a variety of models, including Black-Scholes and Monte Carlo simulations, and can also support with the subsequent accounting to help you get your financial reporting right.


  • Complex Compliance

Year-end can be a challenge, especially for a listed Plc or a complex private equity group. We have the experience to take this challenge away, preparing the statutory accounts, the consolidation, and helping with technical papers for your auditors. The level of support needed is up to you.


  • IPO Support

    An IPO involves placing a company on the stock market and typically involves:

    • An IFRS conversion
    • Preparation of a 3-year track record
    • A group restructuring
    • Support with technical papers

We also work closely with our tax specialists to ensure that your timescales are met, your fundraising goes to plan, and we provide additional layers of support for your finance team during the most significant transaction they will ever undertake.


  • Advisory

Sometimes technical accounting advice is needed in respect of specific transactions or areas of your finance function – such as policy writing, determining how to account for a certain transaction, or providing interpretations of accounting standards. We also offer on-call support and guidance for clients needing the support and reassurance your auditor cannot provide ethically.


If you have any questions about this service, please contact the team.

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