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International Private Client

At BHP, we provide essential advice and specialist insight to support individuals with their tax obligations and alleviate the strain of cross border taxes and filing obligations in more than one country.

We work closely with contacts around the globe to provide our clients with a tailored and all-round service so that they have peace of mind that they're fully compliant and aware of all planning opportunities available to them, driven by their aims and needs.

International Private Client

How we support you

Tax Residence and Domicile is an extremely complex area.

The common misconceptions that you are only liable to tax in one place, or that you pay tax in one place so don’t have to consider whether you have a liability in another country, are totally incorrect.

Understanding your tax residence position means understanding what obligations you have in terms of filing but also in making sure that you pay the correct amount of tax in the right place. Tax systems are not usually forgiving for payments made in the wrong country. It is therefore crucial to get this right from the outset. This can also allow for planning opportunities and reduce costs due to not having to rectify issues over a number of years.

At BHP we have a dedicated team to help our clients navigate through this complex area. Some of our most recent projects include:

  • UK tax residence reviews
  • Self-assessment tax returns for individuals coming to and leaving the UK
  • Assessing the availability of split-year treatment
  • Double tax treaty analysis and planning
  • Overseas trust reporting and advice for UK beneficiaries
  • Non-resident capital gains tax advice and reporting
  • Non-resident landlord scheme assistance
  • Pre-arrival and pre-departure planning
  • Tax compliance assistance for non-residents and complex tax residence cases

Our team can assist those leaving the UK, arriving following an extended absence or coming to the UK for the first time.

We can also work in conjunction with incumbent advisers or use our international contacts to ensure that your worldwide position is considered and addressed.

Introducing the team that makes it all possible

Peter Dobson Peter Dobson Senior Manager
Zak Warrington Zak Warrington Senior Accountant
Suzy Harris-Milnes Suzy Harris-Milnes Tax Partner
Rachel Barker Rachel Barker Manager
Zoe Roberts Zoe Roberts Tax Partner

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