Motivated and talented staff are key

Staff are a business’s most important asset. Motivated and talented people boost company loyalty and productivity, making them vital to your business’s success. BHP’s specialist employer consulting team advises on all aspects of the employer / employee relationship. This complete solution is a unique offering amongst local independent firms. BHP understands that each client is different and works closely with employers to understand their needs and to develop bespoke solutions from concept to implementation. Each of our specialists has a proven track record of getting the best result for the firm’s clients – with services including:

  • Flexible benefits.
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements.
  • Car schemes, and fleet matters generally.
  • Incentive arrangements, bonus schemes etc.
  • Employee communication and engagement.
  • All aspects of employee travel, including company cars and vans, fuel provision, mileage recording, and the tax efficient design of car policies.

Employer Tax Planning and Compliance

As an employer, you have a lot to think about – particularly when it comes to tax and compliance. It’s important that you have your affairs in order and be transparent in order to comply. You wouldn’t want to risk damaging your business’ reputation by getting it wrong. As an employer, you have a lot to think about – particularly when it comes to tax and compliance.

There are a range of things you may consider to make sure your financial administration is ship-shape, such as a PAYE health check to give you a thorough evaluation of your current policies, procedures and practices with recommendations for improvement.

You may also consider risk assessment reports, such as private mileage checks, or a review of business and staff entertaining, to ensure you are ready for any challenge by HMRC. Financial administration is probably a burden you don’t want to add to your to-do list, so consider using external help to arrange dispensations, PAYE settlement agreements, taxed award schemes and the completion of P11Ds.


Administrating payroll can be a big burden. How much really depends on your specific case? Outsourcing your payroll can relieve you of time pressures. It also gives you peace of mind that your affairs are accurate and being dealt with promptly and efficiently using leading technology. Click here for more information.

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