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Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

An employee ownership trust enables the company to be employee owned and is set up by, the company’s existing owners. This could be part of an exit or succession planning strategy or could be new business founders looking to start a new business that they wish to be employee owned.

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

What are the benefits of an EOT?

The benefits of a business becoming employee-owned are:

  • A relatively undisruptive sale process
  • A tax-efficient sale for the original owner
  • Goal congruence for all those involved in the business
  • Stronger performance generally, and
  • Employee incentivisation and retention

How popular are EOTs?

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of businesses owned by Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) to the point where as at July 2023 there were over 1000employee-owned businesses in the UK.

Is a sale the right thing?

What becomes clear very quickly in the deal process is that Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) are not designed as vehicles for onward sales. They work wholly on the principle that they benefit all eligible employees on the same terms, and while you are “on that bus”, you can participate in tax-free bonuses and dividends. If an employee leaves employment, then the bus simply carries on its way.

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Further information

For more on  benefits and possible tax requirements of becoming an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), visit the BHP blog.

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