But what, exactly, is a financial plan?

Firstly, it is important to note that there is no standard template for a financial plan, each one is as individual as the client for whom it is prepared. A professionally produced plan should therefore begin with a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current and future financial state. Full disclosure of a client’s net worth, tax liabilities and future retirement plan is essential.

We use widely-accepted statistical formulas to predict future cash flows, including estimates of asset growth and likely withdrawal plans. With this information to hand, we can determine what needs to be done, to ensure your future financial goals are met.

Working in conjunction with BHP’s own investment and tax experts and best-in-class asset allocation processes, we will devise a plan of action that will meet a client’s specific needs.

Working closely with colleagues within the BHP Group, with invaluable expertise in all the relevant areas, we can deliver everything under one roof.


Joy Clegg

Managing Director - BHP Financial Planning

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Director and Chartered Financial Planner

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Chartered Financial Planner

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Head of Operations

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