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My BHP story: Jemma Goodliffe

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Jemma Goodliffe has worked for BHP for almost four years, having joined us from a small accountancy practice in Huddersfield in the middle of the pandemic. She is now a Senior Accountant in our Digital Finance team in Cleckheaton. Read Jemma’s story: 

What did you do before joining BHP? 

I previously worked in a small accountancy practice in Huddersfield and achieved my AAT while working there.

However, before that, I went to the University of Manchester to study child nursing. I attended for just 3 weeks before making the massive decision to leave and take a chance on an apprenticeship in accounting. 

Why did you choose to apply to BHP?

I was ready for a change and needed a new challenge and a path where I could progress. To be able to continue with my studies with ACCA, I needed to gain more experience. 

What was your first day like? 

My first day was definitely different as I started in the middle of the Covid pandemic, so I was working from home. I had already been working from home in my last job, but learning the ropes of a new company over Teams was certainly challenging!

Everyone was so welcoming and spoke to me over Teams to introduce themselves. It wasn’t until a year of working at BHP that I met everyone in person!

What have you learned since joining BHP?

Since joining the team, I have learned a lot! Everyone at BHP is more than happy to help you, which relieves a lot of stress that can sometimes come with the job. I don’t need to feel like I must know everything!

I have developed into a more confident person during my time here, which is impressive if you knew me when I first started as I was such a worrier (I still sort of am, as I am human!).

What do you enjoy most about your job and working here?

I most enjoy the people who I work with. The office is full of laughs and jokes – it definitely makes working so much better!

Also, everyone was so supportive when I was completing my ACCA exams. I’m not the best at dealing with the stress of exams but everyone helped as much as they could to reduce the pressure.

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