COVID 19 and BHP – update

COVID 19 and BHP – update

Information correct as of 6 April 2020

We are now approaching a month since the largest public health and economic crisis in a generation began to take effect and so much has changed for everyone’s personal, social and business lives.  All of us here at BHP continue to hope that you, your teams, your families and loved ones remain safe.

As we have previously posted here, we remain open for business.  Whilst, we have temporarily suspended operations from our five office locations, our IT systems have enabled us to expand our network many fold to offices located on the sofas and in bedrooms, dining rooms, conservatories, caravans and kitchens, of our staff and we all continue with our commitment to help and serve our clients through this difficult time.

To contact us please call your usual contact on their mobile.  If you do not have their mobile number available, please send an email to them with your contact details and they will call you back.  Some of our email addresses appear on our website at

If you do not have contact details for the required member of the team or your enquiry is of a general nature, please send an email to and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person who will respond within a maximum of 24 hours.

As the picture develops we continue to use our skills and resources to help many of our business clients to access the support available from the government and we are regularly posting such information on here and on our twitter and linked-in feeds (see links on this website).  Talk to us via the contact details on the web site or your usual contact and we will work through this together.

Our investment in our IT systems means we were already working in a largely paperless manner.  Our people are continuing to access necessary documentation and systems remotely whilst following our usual processes and controls. Our significant investments in leading edge audit process software and cloud-based accounting software means many of the audits we are doing are being conducted remotely and we continue to help our clients understand and control their business finances. In addition, this investment has enabled us to make widespread use of video and audio conferencing to communicate with our clients and internally.  Many thanks to our magnificent IT team for keeping us working as normally as possible.

Our cross team and office working practices enable us to use our resources to support each other when necessary. In the event that resourcing levels are compromised due to illness or inability to work, we will consider how resources are used to their best advantage. It is likely that will mean prioritisation of urgent workloads and we will seek to inform our clients should such a situation arise. We will make every effort to mitigate the impact for our clients in this situation. However, should the pandemic affect us severely, it may not always be possible for us to communicate with you about such matters as timeously as we and you would otherwise expect.  We would ask for your understanding if that is the case.  Please be assured we will be seeking to ensure that any disruption this may cause will be minimised, but we would seek to remind you that such matters are catered for by the terms and conditions we have agreed with you.

If you are BHP Payroll Services client, you should note the payroll department continue to process payrolls and make payments despite the lockdown.  Our payroll team are processing payrolls at home and our supervisors and managers can send Bacs files from home so payments to Employees are still being made. No payroll files have been removed from our business premises in line with GDPR regulations.  As noted above, we would ask that where possible all information is sent electronically by yourselves.  Please do this as soon as possible to ensure deadlines can be met. If you are unable to issue us with current month changes to the payroll, we will ensure basic salaries are made to Employees on their normal pay date. If you would prefer that payments are not made in this way, please inform your usual payroll contact of your wishes as soon as possible.

Finally, we want you to know that we are looking after our people in the best possible way we can to protect both their physical and mental wellbeing.  We thank you for your continued support and understanding and we very much look forward to working with you through this difficult time and beyond.  We are here to help.

Lisa Leighton and Hamish Morrison

Joint Managing Partners