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BHP invests in future talent with new trainees

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We’re delighted to announce that BHP has welcomed a further 44 new trainees.

This latest intake is the second highest for BHP’s successful training programme. It provides an opportunity for those looking to break into the finance industry to gain hands-on experience while studying for a professional qualification.

This follows a record-breaking year in 2022, which saw 46 new trainees join the business, underlining BHP’s commitment to investing in future talent and career development. BHP has now taken on 134 trainees in the last three years.

Investing in talent of the future

After joining the firm, many remain with BHP and further develop their skills to become integral parts of our team. Ellie Dignam joined the firm in 2012 to work towards her ACA qualification and has since progressed to become Chief Digital and Efficiency Officer. She is the youngest person ever to be promoted to the Partner group at BHP.

The latest group of trainees cover a range of disciplines and span BHP’s entire network of offices – Chesterfield, Sheffield, Leeds, York, and Cleckheaton. In total, BHP has appointed 21 graduates, 12 non-graduates, and 11 placement students.

Nurturing young professionals

Our Director of People, Karen Arch, said: “At BHP, we’re passionate about nurturing and developing the skills of young professionals looking to break through and leave their mark on the finance industry.

“With each intake of trainees, we’re also improving our own workforce by widening our blend of skills, expertise, and personality. These new recruits will bring many benefits, perspectives and added value to our clients.

“Being certified as a Great Place to Work®, we pride ourselves on being a supportive workplace that always keeps the wellbeing and future success of our people at the forefront.”

Chief Digital and Efficiency Officer Ellie Dignam said: “I love working at BHP and have enjoyed watching the firm grow and evolve over the last 11 years. I’ve personally benefited from our training programme and it’s great to see that we’re continuing to take on fresh new talent and support them in their career development.”