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Fuel advisory rates update

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Advisory rates that apply fuel cost for company cars changed as of 1 June 2016.

The new rates will only apply for the following:

  • a company reimbursing employees for business travel in their company cars
  • employees are required to replay the cost of fuel used for private travel.

The new rates apply from June 1 2016. The previous rates can be used for up to 1 month after the new rates apply.

Engine size Petrol – amount per mile LPG – amount per mile
1400cc or less 10p 7p
1401cc to 2000cc 13p 9p
Over 2000cc 20p 13p
The following new rates will apply for diesel cars:
Engine size Diesel -amount per mile
1600cc or less 9p
1601cc or 2000cc 10p
Over 2000cc 12p
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