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Call for businesses to bear more responsibility for online scams

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Businesses have been urged to take greater responsibility in protecting customers from online fraud and scams.

6 in 10 people have been targeted by online fraud and scams in the past 12 months, according to research by Which?

The government launched the Joint Fraud Taskforce in February 2016 to improve businesses across all sectors to protect the customers from fraud and scams.

The research also found that consumer behaviour is being affected by the fear of scams. 50% of those surveyed reported staying away from online products, services and apps for fear of being targeted by scammers.

3 of the most common online scams identified include:

  • phishing emails claiming to be from a bank or payment service
  • messages that seek money for services or help 
  • bogus computer support.

Which? has called on the Joint Fraud taskforce to:

  • find out if businesses are taking responsibility to protect their customers from fraud and scams
  • what improvements should be made to the processes, systems and practices
  • recommendations by the end of the year to implement the solutions.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: 

‘When we know that even the savviest people can be scammed by fraudsters, it’s vital that everything possible is done by businesses to better protect consumers. And where firms haven’t done enough to protect their customers, it’s entirely right that the responsibility to put things right should be with them.”

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