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Manufacturers asked for views on cutting red tape

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Manufacturing businesses are being asked how they would like to see regulation bureaucracy cut.

For the next three weeks, the Government’s Red Tape Challenge will focus on 140 different regulations that manufacturers and producers have to deal.

The Challenge is asking whether the regulations should be retained or if they should be scrapped.

The Government review also wants to hear suggestions on how regulations can be improved or simplified to reduce the burden that they place on businesses.

Manufacturing Minister, Mark Prisk said: “Our manufacturing sector is at the centre of our plans to rebalance the economy and promote sustainable private sector growth. That’s why cutting back the bureaucracy and the red tape that you have to deal with every day is one of my main priorities.

“Tell us about the regulations you deal with every day; not just those that are aimed at manufacturers but other legislation and inspection regimes that serve no useful purpose, get in the way of growth and keep firms looking over their shoulder.”

The manufacturing Red Tape Challenge can be found at: