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Immigration caps may hit UK jobs market

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Government plans to limit non-EU migration to the UK could have an adverse effect on the economy, it has been claimed.

In its response to a consultation carried out by the Migration Advisory Committee and the UK Border Agency, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said that capping economic migration will hinder the ability of British firms to recruit the best talent.

That, in turn, could apply a brake to the recovery.

Tom Hadley, the REC’s director of external relations, conceded that immigration is a sensitive and politicised issue but went on to say that it is vital that any cap is reviewed on a regular basis in order that it reflects the needs of the UK jobs market.

Mr Hadley added: “Of course we must also focus on up-skilling and providing opportunities for UK workers – in particular by building better bridges into the world of work for young job-seekers.

“However, feedback from recruitment professionals confirms that there are ongoing skills shortages which, in the short term, can only be addressed by dipping into the world-wide talent pool. Restricting this global reach will put the country’s economic recovery at risk.”