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Profit sharing attractive to employees

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A majority of employees insist that participation in some form of profit sharing scheme would boost their productivity.

A survey of some 6,000 employees, conducted by Kelly Services, a workplace solutions firm, found that just over a half of those polled said they would be encouraged to work harder if they were involved in a profit share scheme.

About a third of UK workers currently see at least a proportion of their pay tied to performance targets.

Andrew Cook, of Kelly Services, said: “Many employees are actually quite comfortable about some element of their compensation being tied to their individual or group performance. This indicates that many are confident in their ability to perform their jobs well and believe they can share in the rewards of improved workplace productivity.

“We are also seeing a real groundswell of opinion urging employers to not only support, but to actively promote healthy employees and healthy workplaces, something that can produce a positive outcome for employers and employees alike.”