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My first week at BHP

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After graduating from university – from a student life of comparative freedom – one of my biggest fears about going into a professional job was the thought of a typical 9-5 routine with people in an office that I didn’t know or have anything in common with.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised – the people in the office are a perfect mix of professional and relaxed, and everyone has made me feel very welcome.

Study support

I haven’t yet begun my training to become a qualified accountant, yet I am already overwhelmed by the amount of support that has been offered to me. Firstly, I have been able to choose between the ATT/CTA or the ACA/CTA qualifications, which enables me to shape my own training path. I have also had plenty of advice and support to help me make this choice, both from people in the office who have already completed these qualifications and from the HR team.

The resources I have been given have helped me to easily plan my path through these qualifications, even though I had no previous knowledge of the structure of the exams before starting at BHP. This has really proved to me that they are committed to helping me achieve my professional goals.

Learning on the job

In my first week, I learned how to complete basic tax returns using information provided by clients. This initially seemed like a daunting task, but my colleagues within my team have helped me along the way and I have slowly become more familiar with the process and now feel much more confident.

I was introduced to everyone in the office, including the managers and partners so, in only my second week, I felt that I knew all the people I was working with well and already considered myself part of the team.

Overall, BHP has made me feel comfortable and confident in my first post-grad job. I feel confident that my qualifications will go well as there is a lot of support available and I am surrounded by plenty of people at different stages of training who can help. I feel welcomed by everyone around me, and I really enjoyed my first few days of work.