Meet the Team – Mark Trevenna

In our next instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we sat down with Head of Trusts and Estates, Mark Trevenna.

Speaking to us about his role at BHP, Mark told us that his approach to tax planning, in a complicated world, is all about making tax planning easier for clients, and that he enjoys having a shared ethos with his colleagues.

As a new parent, it is probably no surprise that outside of work Mark wants nothing more than a productive weekend with at least one early night.

When did you join BHP?
Having been at BHP for 13 years, I joined as a graduate in November 2008.

What attracted you to BHP?
Initially, I didn’t know much about the firm, but I soon worked out why they had earned a great reputation from my interactions with their clients, staff, intermediaries and even HMRC.

What is your role?
I am the Head of the Trusts & Estates Department. I manage the team but also undertake tax planning for high-net-worth individuals. My work is often varied, but my main goal always remains the same, aiming to offer the simplest, most tax-efficient options to clients, because life can be complicated enough – no one wants their tax advisor to make that worse.

What do you like best about working at BHP?
I feel that the way I approach tax planning, and my ethos, is in line with that of the senior tax team. Whilst as a team we explore different options or have differing opinions, we come together and find solutions to the challenges we encounter.

How has BHP helped you in your career so far?
In terms of qualifications, BHP has fully supported me in passing ATT and CTA but away from exams, they continue to offer me opportunities that expose me to and give me an experience of new and interesting projects.

What are your highlights?
Anyone who has sat professional exams will know the sense of achievement in passing these, that is my highlight.

Who inspires you at work?
There are many people at BHP who inspire me, but the one who stands out is Elaine Skelton. We all care, but she cares just that little bit more and regularly contributes significantly to my development.

Have you been involved in any initiatives or activities at BHP?
For 10 years I was on the CSR committee and was part of the change in taking the firm’s annual fundraising from £5K a year to a record of £25K. I stepped down, only recently, to make way for those who can continue to bring fresh ideas.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about applying for a role at BHP?
Think about something different you could bring to the role – we love innovation.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?
These days, family life seems too busy for hobbies. An ideal weekend would, therefore, involve ticking a few DIY jobs off the to-do list and at least one early night – hopefully, other new parents out there can sympathise.

If your life was a film or a book, what would it be?
The Truman Show

What boxset are you currently watching?
Often in the evening, I’m forced to watch reality TV, but my go-to easy-watch box set is “Him & Her” on BBC iPlayer.

What is your favourite type of cuisine and why?
Mediterranean – I love the flavours and freshness, and I can pretend I am being healthy even though I’m probably not.

What is the best place you have travelled to and why?
I’ve not travelled as much as some, but Hong Kong & China stands out. I went with a friend who lived there, so I didn’t have most people’s concern over my inability to speak the language.

If you weren’t a Tax Advisor, what would your dream job be?
As a realistic dream job, I’d love to be a Traffic Patrol Officer – I think my ability to remain patient and cool in stressful situations would lend itself well to the job.

Unrealistically, Rally Driver!