Fuel your company’s growth with BHP’s Management Academy

Growing your business relies on a number of key things; products or services people want, a good  sales strategy and efficient delivery and operations to name but a few. However we’ve also observed that the most important ingredient in the successful companies we’ve worked with is having the right people with the right skills, experience, and importantly attitude, to drive and support that growth. So the ability of a company’s management team to recruit, organise, manage, motivate and retain these people is critical.

At BHP we know investing in your management team delivers strong dividends. That’s why we asked Rachel Hannan from our Consulting team to design a management programme specifically for SMEs with growth ambitions.

The result? A Management Academy that’s based on what Rachel learned first-hand successfully growing her own business into one that delivered profit before tax of over £4m in 8 years, and what she’s subsequently learned investing in many others.

Our Management Academy is a practical, interactive programme that covers all of the core building blocks senior managers need to master to enable them to become more effective.

Elements such as how to structure the business and teams to accelerate growth, developing your mission and strategy and translating it into real and deliverable plans are all explained and tested. As are the core elements of developing your leadership and management skills to get the best results from your teams and increase motivation and productivity. Rachel shares best practice and the latest thinking, combined with her own real world experience, and the result is a programme that 100% of people who’ve been through it said they would recommend to other managers.

Whether you want to invest in people new to your senior management team, or in more experienced senior managers who’d benefit from further development as your company grows, the Management Academy is an invaluable tool for your business.

If you want to learn more, or book a place on the next programme starting 29th January 2020, get in touch with Rachel or Mark our Head of Consulting who will be happy to have a chat about how it could help your senior managers drive business growth.