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Flexible working key factor in retaining employees

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28% of working adults cite flexible working as a key factor in remaining with their current employer.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Employee Outlook April 2016 report surveyed 1,051 employees found that 54% have achieved a better work-life balance from flexible working.

29% reported that flexible working has helped them reduce the amount of stress and pressure they feel; while 25% said being able to work flexible hours has enabled them to be more productive and pursue personal interests outside of work.

CIPD also found:

  • 23% said that flexible working has helped reduce the amount of time spent commuting
  • 22% said it has enable them to manage childcare responsibilities
  • most common flexible work provided by employers include part-time (62%), flexi-time (34%) and working from home (24%).

Obstacles to employers providing flexible working arrangements to workers were also identified, with 27% based on the nature of work with their employer, 15% on negative attitudes among senior managers and attitudes towards line managers and supervisors.

David D’Souza, head of CIPD London, said:

“Flexible workers are happier workers but there is still far too much focus on traditional nine-to-five work cultures and an on-going challenge of businesses placing too much value on time spent at the desk and not enough on people’s actual outputs.”

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