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Employers fail to support for working carers

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A third (34%) of businesses have a formal written policy in place to support working carers, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Just over a quarter (26%) have a formal policy in place, while 8% of employers have an informal verbal policy for carers.

Only 38% of businesses don’t have a strategy in place.

Policies employers are most likely to offer for working carers:

  • flexible leave arrangements (49%)
  • flexible work arrangements (48%)
  • time for private phone calls (32%)
  • counselling (22%)
  • employee assistance programmes that offer information and advice (22%).

Top 5 reasons why employers provide support for working carers:

  • the right thing to do (65%)
  • improves work-life balance (60%)
  • improves morale and engagement (58%)
  • increases retention (53%)
  • reduces absenteeism (50%).

45% of employers stated that the policies taken in helping working carers have made a positive difference to their business culture.

Claire McCartney, research adviser at the CIPD, said:

“The onus is on employers to create and promote policies and initiatives in the workplace that empower working carers, sending employees a clear message that their organisation will support them. 

“Measurement is key to supporting working carers – without it, employers cannot know how many working carers they have and what the most appropriate policies, tools and support might be.”

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