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Small firms lack disability employment policies

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Many smaller businesses do not have policies in place for employing people with disabilities, new research has revealed.

According to a survey conducted by Remploy, currently one in five SMEs have disabled people in their workforces.

However, over two thirds of SMEs that responded to the research said they did not require information on employing people with disabilities, while a near similar proportion (65 per cent) reported that they did not need support on legal requirements.

This was despite the fact that just half were actually aware of the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Tim Matthews, Remploy’s chief executive, commented: “This research shows employers believe employing people with disabilities has a positive impact on staff morale and is good for business reputation. [B]ut it is clear that many more businesses need support.

“The employment levels among people with mental health issues and learning disabilities is nothing short of scandalous. We in business should be concentrating on their abilities and support disabled people to achieve their full potential.”