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Green measures can help small firms cope with the downturn

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More and more small businesses are implementing environment friendly policies, a new survey has suggested.

A poll of small firms carried out for Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank revealed that eight out of ten respondents had introduced green measures.

Of those, 29 per cent believed that going green will help reduce their operating costs.

Specifically, 55 per cent said they had ensured that all electrical equipment is turned off when not in use; half had installed low energy light bulbs; and 30 per cent had reduced the amount of heating and air conditioning they used.

It has been estimated that simple energy efficiency policies can save some businesses thousands of pounds per year.

Steve Jennings, director of business management and strategy at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, said: “Our research highlights that many business owners are embracing the green cause. This is benefitting their businesses financially as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

“With the economic downturn set to continue, businesses are looking at adopting new ways to reduce overheads and by incorporating a number of initiatives to save energy, considerable cost savings can be made.”