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Meet the team – Tim Clasper

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As part of our meet the team series we’ve been chatting to Chartered Financial Planner Tim Clasper, who joined our team in December 2019. We asked Tim about his role at BHP Financial Planning and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.

What do you love about in the BHP Financial Planning team?

My colleagues and clients. Having a good time is all about the people you spend it with.

What inspired you to work within financial planning?

I wanted a career that allowed me to work with people, as well as having a technical/financial element to it. Financial planning is exactly that, and being able to make such a big difference to people’s lives through sound financial planning is really rewarding.

What is your area of specialism?

I specialise in helping business owners plan for their exit and retirement and how this is likely to impact on their family’s wealth through generations.

Do you have any role models in or outside of work and, if so, who are they and why?

My dad has always had a big impact on me in how he treats people. He’s always positive and doesn’t take life too seriously.

How do you like to relax outside of work?

I’m a big Newcastle United fan and go to as many games as I can with my dad – though I’m not sure I’d call that relaxing! I also play golf, I’m part of a running club and like adventurous trips away that have occasionally ended with some rather interesting stories!

Do you have any top tips for maintaining a positive work/life balance?

My tip would be to treat your job as part of your life, not something separate to your life.

What are your top three podcasts, books or films?

I’ll go with one of each:

I like listening to the match of the day podcasts. Micah Richards is a breath of fresh air in the football punditry world and lightens up a long drive with his humour.

My book of choice would be The Railway Man, which was later made into a film starring Colin Firth. It’s a fascinating true story of a survivor from a prisoner of war camp in Burma during World War 2.

My top film is Scarface – an absolute classic.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’d buy a place in the Alps and make sure my family and friends were taken care of – all having been carefully planned, naturally!

What do you prefer? A TV series or a film? And which genre do you prefer?

I prefer watching films – usually crime/thrillers.

Do you prefer a takeaway or meal out? What is your favourite type of cuisine?

I love to eat out – I like Thai, Italian and Indian food – basically anything. As my colleagues will confirm, I’ll hoover up any office leftovers!

If you didn’t work in financial planning, what job would you like to do?

I would’ve been a professional footballer if not for that knee injury at 16… But seriously, I’d love to work in professional sport in some capacity.