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COVID-19: How to apply for a furlough grant

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As you are aware, the Government’s scheme to pay grants for furloughed staff is currently being built. The online platform to make applications is expected to go live on Monday 20 April with grants being paid from Thursday 30 April.

Clients have asked if we, as agents, will be able to make claims on your behalf. The short answer is “no” at this present time, due to data protection issues according to HMRC. We are however, committed to helping you through this process in any way we can.

Where do I submit my claim?

References have been made in communications from Government that employers require an “ePAYE” reference. It appears that HMRC are referring to the usual PAYE reference and the claims then being made through the  “PAYE Online for Employers” portal.

Access login details to this portal may have been sent to you when you first registered for PAYE. You may not currently have access to your login details or you may have forgotten them.  Alternatively, if you have always used our payroll agent service, you may not have applied for access to this at all.

You should therefore follow the link below to ensure you have access as soon as possible.

If you need to apply for access to the service, it should not take long to do. However, you will be issued with authorisation codes, which, according to current information, are sent to you in the post and take around 10 days to arrive.

Without these, you will not have access to the service and will not be able to make applications. (Note, the authorisation codes may be sent to your office address which you may not have access to so you should check which address they will be sent to).

You will appreciate that this information is provided to you based on the position as it stands today. As this scheme is being developed, the process or requirements may change and if they do, we will notify you as soon as we are aware.