Government must support small businesses

The Government must do more to support small businesses, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) will tell the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference this week.

In response to recent economic data, which has highlighted sluggish growth and accelerating unemployment, the FSB is launching its ‘Real-Life Entrepreneurs’ campaign.

The FSB believes that it is those that have taken a risk and started their own business that will be responsible for boosting growth and employment opportunities that will help the economy to get back on track, but that unnecessary obstacles stand in their way.

The campaign focuses around six steps, that the FSB believes the Government could take that would make a real difference. These steps include increasing routes to finance, improving cash flow, simplifying business taxes and adopting a new approach to regulation.

Commenting, John Walker, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“The economy has stalled and as the impact of the public sector cuts continue to bite, the Government needs the UK’s small businesses – those Real-Life EntrepreneursTM that have taken a risk to set up in business – to pick up the slack. But, for this to happen we need to see a strong plan for growth put in place.

“While the culture of celebrity entrepreneurs will have spurred people into starting a business, more needs to be done to make doing so more accessible to more people. We are calling on the Business Secretary to listen to the Real-Life Entrepreneurs that have told us their problems and to make changes that address their needs. Not only will this help them to grow their businesses, but it will also help other people realise that they can go it alone and become one of these important Real-Life EntrepreneursTM.”