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New forum set up to encourage entrepreneurs

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The government has unveiled plans for a new forum which will offer start-up and developing firms advice on how best to manage their enterprises.

The Entrepreneurs’ Forum, the creation of which was announced by Business Secretary, Vince Cable, will aim to encourage more people to set up new businesses.

The Forum is part of the government’s efforts to establish a national conversation among businesses and entrepreneurs on promoting a culture in which it is easier to start a firm.

The specific purpose of the Forum is to break down the barriers that deter people from taking the leap as job-creating entrepreneurs.

As many as 26 entrepreneurs will sit on the Forum, and members have been recruited on the basis of the experience they can bring to the development of enterprise policy.

Vince Cable said: “People with the courage to start up a business will be crucial to driving the growth of the economy. Start-ups create jobs, stimulate innovation and provide a competitive spur to existing businesses to encourage them to increase their productivity.

“I am delighted with the quality of the membership of my new forum and look forward to bouncing ideas off them and hearing their views.”

The Forum is due to meet around four times a year, and is one of several ways in which the government intends talking with business.

Other governmental/business groups include the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group, the Secretary of State’s Business Advisory Group, and the Small Business Economic Forum.