BHP continues to put health and well-being first

Like all businesses, BHP Accountants has had to adapt the way they work as a result of Covid-19, however, employee wellbeing has remained a focus for staff across all five offices.

BHP recently arranged for Emily Halil,  a wellbeing professional from Gathering Grace, to carry out a taster session to give employees the chance to try her stress management techniques.

This was delivered via zoom so participants were able to participate in the privacy of their own home.

Emily’s session focused on simple breathing techniques, along with grounding visualisations which aim to aid balance by calming the mind and the body. Research suggests that soothing rhythm breathing alleviates stress and anxiety through its effect on the autonomic nervous system so the benefits go beyond just “switching off” for half an hour.

After the 30-minute session participants were asked to share their feedback to assess whether people would value being able to access these sessions on a regular basis.

Other policies that BHP have also introduced over the last few months as their staff became accustomed to working from home have included various virtual quiz nights and a firmwide monthly update held over Zoom which enables staff to ask questions during a live session – a process that helps keep morale high.

BHP pride themselves on their extensive wellbeing programme and despite some elements currently on hold, their programme encourages staff to stay fit, healthy and active both mentally and physically all year round.

The current wellbeing programme can be found below:

  • Staff wellness days and ongoing physiotherapy support
  • Step count challenge
  • Shine offline presentation at the staff conference to reinforce the message behind the e-mail curfew
  • Time To Talk days
  • Creation of the wellbeing channel on teams to share information and tips on many aspects of health and wellbeing
  • Water bottles provided to encourage a reduction in single-use plastics
  • Volunteering day
  • New structure and increased one-to-ones in the payroll department
  • Audit training days
  • Creation of the IT training role
  • Continued recruitment and promotions to work towards getting the right resources at the right levels in all teams 
  • A new Audit & Accounts job planner which now includes all offices and the Healthcare team
  • Increased variety of presenters at the Staff Conference to improve everyone’s understanding of the work that goes on across the business
  • Creation of the Innovation Team to ensure we keep at the forefront of using technology to provide high-quality advice and service to clients
  • Creation of a staff suggestion channel on Teams

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