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Business advisors prove their value

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Yorkshire’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants has been awarded the highest rating possible at its first time of entering the prestigious ‘Investor in Customers/Clients’ (IIC) accreditation.

BHP Chartered Accountants has been given a three star ‘exceptional’ rating.  Only 15% of firms in the country achieve a three star rating when first undergoing the assessment.

IIC independently assesses client satisfaction levels for businesses across all industries through the use of anonymous surveys undertaken with clients, employees and other business connections.  These look at a wide range of areas including how well a company understands its clients, how it meets their needs, how it delivers a first class service and how it fosters loyalty.

The results revealed that the firm is viewed to be exceptional and that their staff and partners are perceived as experts. This was demonstrated by their consistently high scores and comments in the assessment’s key areas: Understand Client Needs, Meet Client Needs, Delight Clients, and Engender Loyalty.

John Warner, Managing Partner at BHP, says: “This accreditation is far more than just a star rating – the whole process has given us invaluable insight into what our clients think and feel about the high range of services we provide. To have such resoundingly positive feedback is incredibly rewarding for everyone involved in the business and of course great news for our clients too.”

BHP was assessed over a five week period with direct and online feedback from clients, staff and senior management as well as additional desk research which was carried out by an IIC assessor.

Tony Barritt, Managing Director of IIC, adds: “High levels of client service are unfortunately not always a given – many companies aspire to provide a first-rate service but fail to do so. That’s why the IIC accreditation has become such a coveted award and BHP thoroughly deserves its three star rating.”

John Warner added “BHP is client focussed and our overriding aim is to deliver top quality standards and service levels geared to individual client needs. In evidence of this we also continue to undertake regular re-assessments with Customer First which carries out a detailed assessment of the strategic, tactical and operational delivery of the firm. We are pleased to announce that we also continue to hold the Customer First Standard following a recent assessment.

“Both assessments are reassuring and help to demonstrate that our clients really are central to all that we do.”