Have you sent us all we need to complete your 2011 Tax Return?

With Christmas just around the corner there are still many tax returns that are yet to be filed. As accountants we do all we can during the period from 6 April to the end of the calendar year seeking to complete tax returns and ensure that clients are clear regarding their tax payments for the forthcoming year. Tax Returns for 2011 have to be filed before 31 January 2012.

If you have not yet submitted your tax return information for the tax year that ended 5 April 2011 do please let us have this, if possible before Christmas. HMRC have a penalty system in place which means that they automatically charge £100 for any tax return filed late. Delays beyond this can result in further fines and interest costs.

We appreciate acting for all our clients and trust you will find this reminder a helpful nudge so that we can do all we can to ensure your tax returns are all up to date.

If you have made any gifts using the Gift Aid scheme, we can include these in your 2011 return and gain tax relief even though any payments may have been made after 5 April 2011. In this instance please advise us of the payment amount, beneficiary and date of payment.