Creative industries key to economic growth

Creative industries such as music, publishing, video games, and film, are expected to be a key driver of economic recovery, the CBI has claimed.

Growth in UK creative industries is expected to be at an average of 4 per cent between 2009 and 2013 – more than double that predicted for the rest of the economy.

But, the UK must do all it can to enhance skills in this area to avoid being overtaken by global competitors.

As it stands, the UK has one of the largest creative industries sectors in the world, employing over one million people. But a lack of skills is a real threat, the CBI warns.

Susan Anderson, CBI director of education and skills said: “Our creative industries have huge growth potential, but the lack of trained people with relevant skills to meet the sector’s specialist demands is holding it back.

Not only should we be doing more at school level, but employers should be collaborating with universities more, the CBI states. Ms Anderson adds:

“As well as getting the basics right at a school level, we want to see greater collaboration between universities and companies so that courses keep up-to-date with the realities and needs of today’s creative industries market.

“It’s also crucial that we continue to develop the skills of the current workforce. Apprenticeships are an important way of achieving this and the Government needs to press ahead with its plans to reduce bureaucracy and break down barriers to entry for smaller firms.”

Amongst other things, the CBI is proposing to develop the talents of the UK workforce by making apprenticeships easier to access.

Read the CBI’s recommendations here.