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Move to help SMEs secure government business

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The government has launched a new online facility that will make it easier for SMEs to share their experiences of pitching for government contracts.

The online contact asks suppliers how best the red tape that often entangles tendring for government contracts can best be reduced.

The announcement came during a summit held between the Cabinet Office and several of the government’s largest suppliers.

Addressing the summit, Francis Maude, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, said that major suppliers will be expected to enter into new relationships with small firms.

Mr Maude continued: “You will all have experienced procurements that seemed to go on forever, cost millions of pounds and took countless hours of your employees’ time and energy. I know how frustrating this can be and I can promise you here today that we will do things differently.

“But there will also be things we expect from you. Government will no longer offer the easy margins of the past. We will open up the market to smaller suppliers and mutuals and we will expect you to partner with them as equals, not as sub-ordinates.”

The new online facility for SMEs can be found at: