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Urgent action needed to improve management standards

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Raising the standards of British business management needs to be much higher on the political agenda, it has been claimed.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has called for the next Parliament to place greater emphasis on improving the way that many UK firms are run.

Research carried out by the CMI found that 47 per cent of the UK workforce have left a job due to bad management, while a similar number (49 per cent) said they would take a pay cut to work with a better manager.

The CMI has launched a manifesto for a better managed Britain which includes pledges for managers, employers and the government.

Ruth Spellman, the CMI’s chief executive, said: “Without investment in effective management and leadership in the UK, we are in danger of lurching from crisis to crisis.

“Improving management and leadership standards is critical to the UK’s economic and social future, and is one of the most significant issues facing UK plc today.”

Ms Spellman added that only one in five managers hold any type of professional qualification and that the most recent National Strategic Skills Audit has estimated that the UK will need 2.2 million new managers by 2017.

She concluded: “Whatever the outcome of the upcoming election, there is a huge amount to be done in terms of ensuring we can not only recruit and develop these new managers, but also upskill the current generation so the next one is learning from the best.”