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Feedback wanted on possible changes to expenses and benefits

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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has said that it is looking at making changes to the way that expenses and benefits provided by employers are handled for tax purposes.

Specifically, HMRC said it was examining whether the tax and NICs could be collected through the payroll rather than through the usual P11D/P9D route.

At the moment, no official system exists for payrolling of expenses and benefits, although some employers do have informal arrangements with local tax offices that allow them to pay this way.

HMRC would like to hear from any businesses with experience of payrolling of expenses and benefits. This would enable them to find out more about the costs and benefits involved.

HMRC has set up an online questionnaire which employers can visit. The questionnaires don’t demand any personal details, and HMRC has said that any information provided will be used solely for the purposes of the research.

The questionnaire can be found at