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Design can help businesses survive the recession

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A better and more informed use of design could be vital in helping UK firms both to come through the recession and to thrive when the economy picks up.

That was the message that the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and the Design Council offered businesses at the launch of a new partnership between the two organisations.

As well as providing practical advice on how firms can make best use of design, the partnership will also focus on raising awareness of the importance and value of design in creating a more dynamic and competitive UK economy.

David Frost, the director general of the BCC, said: “The future of the UK economy is dependent on the dynamism and effectiveness of our private sector.

“By helping businesses make informed decisions about the power of design and the potential competitive advantage it can bring, we will help them through the recession and gain long-term commercial benefits.”

David Kester, who is chief executive of the Design Council, added: “This is all about designing out of a downturn. Companies that invested in design and R&D during the last recession re-invented themselves and came out stronger.

“This new partnership with the Chambers stands to help the thousands of UK firms that represent our economic future, with the opportunity to harness the practical power of UK design.”