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Vimbai Mashavave – My first weeks at BHP

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In April 2021, I decided to take the next step in my career and was offered a job at BHP. I had a lot of questions and worries before I joined, but fortunately my ‘new job’ anxiety was dispelled before my first day even arrived.

First impressions

One of the Partners reached out and officially welcomed me over an informal call, expressing how happy he was that I was joining the team. He reassured me that I was the right fit, checked how I was doing and told me that my desk was ready for me. This was a real boost to my confidence and set my mind at ease.

On my first day, I walked into an open-plan office and was welcomed by many friendly faces. I met my buddy who showed me around, officially introduced me to everyone and took me to my workstation, which was already set up for me.

Everyone greeted me with a big smile and was eager to get to know me. One of the Audit Partners took me out for coffee, and I also went out for a walk with the rest of team at lunchtime.

The rest of that first week involved lots of training, admin tasks and getting to know my actual role. There was a lot of information to take in as expected in a new role, but enough to set me on the right track.

At BHP, when you ask questions, there is always someone on hand to offer support. I’m always actively encouraged to seek help, and this has made the training and tutorials less daunting for me.

Getting to know the team

During my second week, I was gradually eased into work, which was a nice change from the training. I was also introduced to ‘office games’, which is a good way for the team to unwind over lunch. So, from time to time, we play a game called GeoGuesser, which is a lot of fun and has proved to be a good mental energy booster.

On week three, I started my first piece of client work with plenty of guidance from my manager, and I also attended my first social event at BHP. I was slightly nervous at first (as any introvert can appreciate), but now I look forward to each one and I’m even part of the social committee!

There are lots of volunteering opportunities at the firm and it provides a great opportunity to interact with people in other departments and offices.

There is a good support system at BHP that does not leave you feeling stranded or confused. Managers and Partners are approachable, and everyone is eager to help. It’s all about you as a person before the bottom line. I feel cared for and listened to.

Twenty months on from joining BHP and I have progressed to become a Senior Accountant. I am so grateful to the team for giving me opportunities to develop myself and learn some new things along the way.