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Meet the team – Helen Gilson

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This week, we’re meeting Helen Gilson, Senior Manager in our Digital Finance team. Helen joined BHP 17 years ago in 2006, straight out of college. Read on as Helen describes her career achievements, standout memories and what makes her happy away from the office.

What attracted you to work for the firm?

I had done my work experience at my mum’s friend’s firm and then studied accountancy at college. The tutor recommended I applied for BHP, as they knew that it was a really good firm.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

I manage a large portfolio of small OMBs (owner managed business). So, a normal day would consist of reviewing accounts and tax computations and compliance, taking calls or emails from clients and providing any help they need, managing a team of staff and ensuring work is completed to deadlines, and assisting staff with any help they may have. Each day can vary!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like people. So, talking to new and existing clients and other colleagues within the firm is what I enjoy the most. I would say that I am a people person and like working as part of a team – not on my own in a quiet room!

I really enjoy getting to meet new clients and understanding how I can support them with anything they need.

What is your favourite work memory or achievement?

My greatest achievement would have to be completing my final ACCA exam and never having to sit an exam ever again!

My favourite memory, which is not really work work related but happened while I was at work, was when a pigeon flew directly through a window and smashed it and the hole in the window was shaped like a pigeon! That was from one of the early years!

What is your proudest moment in your career so far?

During Covid, it was difficult realising that there was too much work for too few people. So I’m proud of pushing for and setting up the Sheffield Accounts team, which started with just three people and has now grown to 10 members. I’m also pleased with how I was able to manage the team and our clients and get through that stressful time during the pandemic.

Another thing I enjoy is interviewing and bringing people into the team who fit in really well.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

I love spending time with my family and my two sausage dogs! I enjoy day trips, movie nights and takeaways, and I also love the sun, so we like to go on as many holidays as possible! ????

What might surprise people to learn about you?

When I was around 19 years old, I ran a Brownie group and was “The Brown Owl” for a couple of years.

What item can’t you live without?

Probably my phone. When I smashed my screen and it took a few days to repair, I felt completely lost – everything is on your phone nowadays!

What do you prefer – a TV series, book or film? What are your favourites?

I love a TV series – some of my favourites are Prison Break, Tulsa King and Gangs of London. I love being able to sit and watch one after another, but it’s very rare given my busy life outside of work with the kids and dogs. I usually sit down to watch TV at the end of a day and end up falling asleep!

When are you the happiest?

This sounds really sad but I do love fresh bedding, PJs and watching TV in bed – all comfy with a cuppa and a pack of biscuits. We renovated our house last year and it was a really stressful time, so to be able to sit and chill and look at what we achieved makes me happy!

Where is your dream destination?

We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon and it was the best place we have ever been. We walked up Dunns River waterfall and swam with dolphins, and the holiday reps inundated us with cocktails, which was an added bonus! ????