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Introducing BHP Prosper

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BHP Prosper is an innovative and unique concept which provides extensive and highly effective financial, technical and commercial support to Small and Medium Sized enterprises, at a fraction of the usual cost.

This facility will enable your organisation to take advantage of the highest level of tailored support, without the need to recruit a full time Financial Director.

All the assistance you require is available wherever and whenever you need it, providing maximum flexibility and full financial control.

The Need for Strong Financial Control

Keeping close control of the financial situation of your SME is key from the very start. There is no point in working all hours to achieve sales when your overheads are out of control. Similarly, if your price is so low that the products are walking out of the door, your business is unlikely to fulfil its potential.

However, recruiting a highly experienced Financial Director for a growing SME is usually out of the question. Not only will the costs incurred often be far too high for a small business to incorporate into their budget, but there will probably not be enough work to keep the most talented personnel interested.

The alternative to recruiting an expert is usually to ask an existing employee to do the work – or even for the business owner to take on the role. However, most entrepreneurs have neither the ability nor the time to do it themselves. Of course, if those in control of the finances do not have the expertise or time to do the job properly, the chances are the project will fail.

Furthermore, if existing staff are required to take on such responsibilities, their attention is likely to be taken away from the most important task of building sales growth.

But with BHP Prosper, you can gain all the benefits of a fully qualified, experienced Finance Director, at a fraction of the cost, and more of your focus can be given to making your business a success.

How It Works

For a fixed monthly fee you will be able to take advantage of a full range of our expertise for your business whenever you need it most.

All our services are delivered face to face, ensuring you receive a consistently high level of service, every single time.

Our services cover everything from financial and cash flow planning, to general accountancy compliance and tax advice. Choose from our menu of options and we will tailor your service to meet your SME’s needs. As your business develops, our service offering can change to ensure you always have the support you need.

As part of the Prosper initiative, our representative will attend quarterly meetings and an annual strategy session to ensure your business is always on track. It’s like having your own Finance Director ready and waiting in a box, taking them out when you need them the most.

For the SME’s that work with us today, BHP Prosper is the solution that meets their business needs. Contact us today and let us show you how BHP Prosper can provide the same support to you.