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BHP Trustee Training programme a huge success

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This week the BHP charities team delivered the last of three events in the 2016 Trustee Training seminar programme to over 40 trustees in York.

Over the course of the programme over 150 charity trustees have heard presentations on the financial, legal and human resources elements of being a trustee.

The speakers included Jane Marshall, Head of Charities at BHP, who presented on the financial duties and responsibilities of charity trustees and Catherine Rustomji, Head of Charities & Social Enterprise at DWF, who covered the legal duties and responsibilities. Guest speaker at the Leeds and York events was Ruth Bourne from Total HR Solutions who provided a fascinating insight into potential people issues that charities may face.

Why do we offer trustee training for charities?

Charities are required to report on their efforts to ensure that all trustees are trained and inducted to fulfil their role, and the positive feedback from these seminars has shown they are invaluable to the target audience. Delegates found the events to be informative and practical, as well as providing an opportunity to network with other trustees and share information with other organisations in order to develop new perspectives and insights into best practice for running charitable organisations.

Feedback from delegates over the three sessions

“Anyone who is a trustee should attend these seminars. The responsibility of trustees is probably not fully understood by many trustees and ignored at their peril. Ignorance is not an excuse.”

“As a relatively new trustee, I found this event extremely useful. It was thought provoking and I gained insight into Trustee’s role.”

“Felt this was a clear and well-structured presentation that gave clear direction and information on the role and responsibilities associated with being a charity trustee. Gave me several points to think about and raised my awareness on a few issues that I had not previously thought about. Use of practical examples helpful.”

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