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Investment In Customers adds up to a gold award rating for BHP

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Yorkshire’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants has achieved the top Gold Award rating from the prestigious Investor in Customers (IIC) accreditation.

BHP increased on its previous score achieved in 2015, when it was one of just 15% of firms in the country to achieve a top rating when first undergoing the rigorous accreditation process.

IIC independently assesses client satisfaction levels for businesses across all industries through the use of anonymous surveys undertaken with clients, employees and other business connections.

The questionnaires looked at a wide range of areas, from how well customer needs are understood and met, to how happy they feel with the service they receive. Other criteria assessed included how easy it is to do business with BHP, how likely a customer is to make a referral, and the quality of the experience and relationship.

Areas that were scored the highest across all offices by clients included the quality of the relationship with BHP and how fairly customers felt they are treated. Excellent communication was also highlighted as particularly strong, and clients described the firm as being friendly, efficient, reliable and highly competent.

John Warner, Managing Partner at BHP, says: “It’s vital that our customers feel valued and that they are getting a service that makes a genuine difference to their business and personal goals. Our aim is to ensure that the high standards we are renowned for are maintained and improved upon. To have increased our rating this year with an IIC Gold Award accreditation is a testament to the hard work of each and every one of our 300-strong team.”

BHP was assessed over a five week period with direct and online feedback from clients, staff and senior management as well as additional desk research which was carried out by an IIC assessor.

Tony Barritt, Managing Director of IIC, says: “Following the 2015 Investor in Customers assessment, the team at BHP worked hard to put in place the improvements which were identified at the feedback session. Their latest assessment has shown clear evidence of the success of these initiatives with increased scores across all teams, and a consistent and high-level of customer experience in all offices.”