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Trusts and estates advice

Providing for the next generation. Our team are experts at creating plans as family needs change over time, taking particular account of the tax consequences of such plans.

Trusts and Estates Advice

Estate planning and how to navigate the complexity of Trusts

Trusts have many functions, primarily they’re used with varying degrees of control for protection, inheritance tax efficiency, probate and much more. Using the correct trust with the right investment is crucial for your financial plan.

A trust can be structured in several ways with different characteristics and benefits. The most appropriate type of trust will depend upon personal circumstances. Whether you are a professional trustee acting for a client or you’re acting in a personal capacity, we can help.

We’re experienced with the most intricate trusts and estates, as well as charities and smaller cases, providing financial advice on management, transfer of property and administration, which can be a complex and time-consuming affair.

We work closely with tax professionals, legal advisers and our in-house trust team to devise the most appropriate plan to suit your needs.

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