Expert risk & forensic advice

We work with clients to help identify and mitigate anticipated risk, identifying appropriate controls and procedures as required.  We can investigate financial issues such as fraud allegations and misfeasance, blackholes, and potential employee, customer or supplier frauds, helping clients to understand the quantum and remediate potential causations of the issue. We can help limit exposure to regulatory issues and help clients with damage limitation of regulatory breaches and consequential fines. We can also work alongside legal advisers assist clients, if appropriate, to assist defence in fraud cases, confiscation proceedings and regulatory investigations. We can assist you preemptively and proactively with:

  • Financial risk management.
  • Fraud awareness.
  • Financial fraud, including internal and corporate fraud.
  • Financial crime.
  • Financial investigation.
  • Regulatory review, investigation and defence (e.g. OFT, FCA, and industry and professional regulators).
  • Covenant assessment.
  • Asset tracing and recovery.
  • Criminal defence and prosecution.

To discuss how our expert risk & forensic accounting team could assist, either in general terms or in relation to a particular case, please call Tony Chapman on 0113 887 0070 or Philip Allsop on 0114 266 7171.