How do we support family businesses?

Many family businesses have a multitude of generations still involved and whilst they all have the best interests of the business at heart, they will not always have the same view on the direction the business should take. This dynamic is more complex in a family environment and resolving these often needs to be handled in a conciliatory and open manner.

We have considerable experience in managing the challenges of running a family business. We have been involved in managing succession, mentoring the next generation, evolving non-family members into the management team and developing a more dynamic, sales driven business approach.

We have successfully carried out these projects and at the same time protected the core values and culture of the family business. It is often these values that underpin the current and future success of the company.

The challenges of a family business can appear daunting, however working with business leaders who have had successful experiences within this environment can help facilitate a path to a better future.