What does data analytics bring to your audit?

We will ingest the data from your accounting system via Inflo which means the audit team have access to 100% of the data and this significantly reduces the amount of reports your finance team need to be provide but allows us to perform a suite of analytical tests and provide you with a report on useful management insights to your finance function.

Data analytics enhances your audit by:

  • Allowing us to focus our work on the highest risk transactions
  • Allowing us to quickly identify trends and outliers
  • Allow us to scope risk and provide a more direct audit approach
  • Giving us the ability to review 100% of the transactions in an efficient way
  • Allowing us to gain a better understanding of your finance function and processes
  • Benchmarking you against similar entities in your sector
  • Allowing us to feedback on any weaknesses and process improvements within the finance function

How an audit with data analytics works

Audit Planning

  • Collaboration
  • Data ingestion
  • Risk profiling

Audit Execution

  • Automated sampling
  • Fraud detection
  • Reduced reports
  • Risk focussed audit work
  • Identified trend and outliers

Audit Reporting

  • KPI benchmarking
  • Management insights
  • Process improvements

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