HMRC phasing out National Insurance number cards

The tax authorities are continuing with plans to drop the practice of issuing of National Insurance number cards.

In the past, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) notified people of their National Insurance number for the first time by sending them a plastic number card.

But as part of the Government’s spending cuts, the Chancellor last year announced that HMRC would stop issuing National Insurance number cards and would send out letters instead.

HMRC stopped printing replacement National Insurance number cards in October 2010.

Now, as from July 2011, HMRC is to stop issuing cards to adults as well.

Adults who need a National Insurance number for the first time will receive their number by letter from the Department for Work and Pensions.

However, anyone approaching the age of 16 and who is eligible to receive a number automatically will still be sent a National Insurance number card.

This method will continue until later in the year.

Employers are being reminded that, as the cards are phased out, there will be growing numbers of people who will have a letter instead and that this needs to be born in mind when taking on new members of staff.