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The practicalities of starting your own business

Every month First for Business shares the Dream Team’s answers to the questions on your minds. We want to share Partner Lisa Leighton’s answers with you.

Mergers and aquisitions in North Derbyshire

At $3.5 trillion, the global value of mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) in 2014 reached its highest peak since the crash. Closer to home, the number of deals completed in North Derbyshire in 2014 rose by around a third with the table below highlighting the top five by disclosed value. Company   Activity Location Transaction Deal… Read more »

Growth deals for North Derbyshire

Our survey of the top SMEs in North Derbyshire shows significant progress on last year, and levels of confidence in the economy are such that I would expect further progress in the current year.

The challenges of raising finance

With the recession now firmly behind us, there are a number of funding challenges as companies switch from a cost or survival focus to a high growth focus.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Over the last five years there has been a revolution going on in the cloud based accounting solution market and it offers fantastic benefits for businesses.

Barriers to export – how to comply with different standards

The rapid development of technology has meant that the world is a much smaller place when it comes to doing business in different countries. However, there are still many barriers to overcome when embarking on selling in different countries.

Go Global

Great Britain is at the forefront of development, having a sound advanced engineering base and being able to demonstrate and deliver innovation on a large number of fronts. So how do you get your company involved in the exciting world of global markets?

A pick ‘n’ mix of rewards makes for a happy workforce

With the continuing squeeze on disposable incomes showing little real sign of abating, it is not surprising that more and more employers are introducing flexibility to employee reward, enabling staff to “take ownership” over how they are paid – choosing the mix of salary and rewards that works best for them.

I’m a legal advisor… Get me out of here!

Forgive the title of this… I promise that it is the only reference to the jungle reality show recently on our television screens and anything Ant and Dec! However, the title seemed a good way of describing how legal businesses and their advisors may well be feeling at the moment. After all, the stance of… Read more »

Overcoming barriers to growth

Many companies face barriers which prevent them growing to their full potential. These barriers can cause a gap in growth, which I call a “growth chasm”. To overcome these barriers and to make the ‘leap’ to the next level companies must consider major challenges to their current growth strategies. Evaluation Where companies have had roughly… Read more »