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Back to the future

Our normal role as the leading advisor to companies in the Top 100 is generally to assist them in managing the tax liabilities attached to these profits, and yet actually where we can really add value is in enabling management and shareholders to step back, see the wood for the trees and to come up with a strategic plan not just for now, but also for the future.

Get your tax return done now!

A lot of people leave filing their tax returns until January, but there are so many reasons to get it done earlier. Speedier refunds Filing early will result in earlier refunds of tax.  Money is better in your bank account than HMRC’s! Cash flow If your tax liability is under £3,000 and you submit your… Read more »

Tax planning that lets you sleep at night

Putting a strategic tax plan in place for yourself and your family can result in significant reductions in your tax bill, both now and in the future.

Budget 2014 and new powers for HMRC

Budget 2014 also announced some significant additional powers for HMRC to use when tackling tax avoidance and some will see these as very controversial.

New tax rules, same old issue

Following the anti-avoidance measures taken forward by the Autumn Statement, draft legislation was published in December regarding changes to partnership tax rules.  This also follows on from the announcement made in September regarding compensating adjustments in partnerships using service companies. I wanted to take a look at this in more detail. The draft legislation means… Read more »

Act now to access Regional Growth Fund business grants in the Sheffield City Region

I am pleased to note some encouraging signs of increased funding availability for local businesses. Regional Growth Fund The final call for applications for the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) held by Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (SCR LEP) has now been issued. There is still up to £5m available for projects meeting the following criteria:… Read more »

BHP charity conference

We had a great day last Tuesday at the BHP Charity Conference. It was the first time that we held the event in York following our merger with Barron and Barron earlier this year. York Racecourse was  the venue for the day which was fantastic (including a tasty buffet!) and we had a great view… Read more »

It’s the Royal Mail but not as we know it

So the Royal Mail has been sold off and lots of people have made an overnight profit of about £300 on the £750 of shares they bought. Despite being ten times oversubscribed, we are told it was not sold off too cheaply. The evidence would appear to suggest otherwise.    Whether or not the Royal Mail… Read more »

Ownership does not get you engagement

There were some very interesting articles last week on The Business Desk on employee ownership.   John Lewis is the success story that always gets talked about but on a more local basis Gripple has also been highlighted as an example to follow. My observation would be that it is employee engagement that creates great companies… Read more »

Manufacturing success but not babies!

Germany is the envy of Europe.  Love them or hate them they seem to be doing better than most at a lot of stuff.  Bayern Munich are dominating the football world, German export levels are the envy of the rest of Europe and its unemployment rate is half that of neighbouring France. There is one… Read more »