Isn’t it interesting to see what makes people give?

We recently carried out a staff survey which included a question about which charity each individual would most like to support. The results were fascinating, with a wide range of causes and an almost equal mixture of local and national charities selected. With this in mind, we decided to move away from the “Charity of the Year” model we had previously adopted, instead offering support to BHP’s people in raising money for and awareness of the specific charities they feel passionate about.

The results of this are already starting to show, and there is a new energy in the firm for finding original ways to support the causes which our people feel really matter. During the first four months of 2014 we raised nearly £4,000 for charities which will help to support children, those who are deaf, cancer research, seriously ill people, and contribute to buying lifesaving equipment.

As well as BHP’s flagship fundraisers (a gruelling bike ride, a networking event for young professionals and a football and netball tournament) we have already got lots of new activities lined up for 2014, including a handful of our finest accountants washing cars on a Saturday.

We believe all charities matter – let’s see what else we can do to help support as many as we can!

Find out more about what we have been doing here: