Many of the region’s small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) are still failing to take advantage of the generous tax breaks that are available when it comes to Research and Development (R&D), and we regularly see companies only claiming back a fraction of what’s actually available to them. Sometimes businesses have preconceptions that they ‘don’t… Read more »

In the past 12 months we have seen a referendum vote to leave the European Union, a change of Prime Minister, a challenge to the opposition leader, a new President of the US (arriving straight from his reality TV show!) and Leeds United making a meteoric rise up the championship table but excruciatingly fall out… Read more »

A recurring theme of the Budgets presented by the previous Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, over the last few years has been the need to build a resilient UK economy. In presenting his first (and last) Spring Budget last week Philip Hammond continued this theme using highly emotive words such as “foundation” “underpinned” and… Read more »

BHP’s Top 50 survey of the most profitable SMEs in North Derbyshire, showcases many of the region’s most successful businesses, that all contribute hugely to the local economy. This year the combined results reveal a marked slowdown in overall growth since 2016. This is probably in part due to the impact of Brexit, the American… Read more »

With the triggering of Article 50, Brexit is a reality. What comes next? Many SME businesses face uncertainty as to what Brexit will mean; some are very concerned about the future of their business, while others envisage great opportunities and growth potential. SME business owners may agree that their key people will be vital in… Read more »

In light of the upcoming General Election amendments have been made today to the Finance Bill, which mean that substantial chunks will be cut out, to allow for fuller Parliamentary scrutiny later. The measures to be left out include: reductions in dividend nil rate and pensions annual allowance; cash basis changes and trading and property… Read more »

North Yorkshire’s most profitable SMEs have continued growing at a phenomenal rate over the past year. These companies have a combined turnover of more than £680 million which is up from £535 million on the previous year – a major increase of 27%. These businesses have made almost £71 million profit, compared to £57 million… Read more »

Myself and Jenny are delighted to announce that BHP Chartered Accountants, along with other members of Kreston UK, have produced the 2016 GP Practices Benchmarking Report. Now in its third year, the statistics of this report was compiled from 123 Kreston GP practices from throughout the UK, providing a significant range of data from which… Read more »